Just Call the Guy

28 03 2012

I am an inveterate DIY-er.  My husband is definitely NOT.  Like early-birds and night-owls, Sharks and Jets, hawks and doves, you might properly surmise we have had a few failures to communicate on household matters.

I have a long list of things around the house that require my attention – and muscle and sweat and nerve.  Husband is (maybe intentionally) oblivious to these pressing matters.  For over 25 years, now, I have always thought it only fair to inform husband of these important issues and to review my plans to address them. His consistent response has always been a version of “Just call the guy.”  More aptly, he looks at me as though I am speaking in tongues and offers me money to hire out the work (and to shut me up.)

It goes against my grain to pay someone to do things (except to clean the house) I can do myself, or even things I THINK I can do myself, so I usually just blunder out to tackle whatever it is that has my attention.

Until now.

It has come to my attention that the economy is not so great.  People don’t have jobs and people are not spending money.  I must, as a concerned citizen, do what I can to help, so, I will be “calling the guy.”  I will be paying someone to repair my fish pond.  I will pay someone to paint my ceiling.  I will pay someone to install hardwood in my house.  Well, to be more precise, I will let husband pay for them.  It surely gives him pleasure to take an active role in maintaining our home – and I’m sure he isn’t going to be active in any other way than to write a check.



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28 03 2012

May I recommend a honest, reliable, & talented “guy?” Mike Maloyovich – 717-979-4624 We’ve had him work on varoius projects over the past few years & have always been pleased with his prices & his work! He’s easy to look at, too :-)))

29 03 2012
Katie Margolis

Oh…to have the money to “pay the guy.” There are so many things I need to have done to my house that just won’t get done because of the lack of money. I spend it all on jewelry making tools and supplies!

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