Vote FOR Something, Please

29 02 2012

Seems to me we have slid down the slippery slope. We have crossed the line. We make decisions based on our experience with “reality” television.  Started out by raising being famous to being worthy.  Followed by voting for the “best,” which was really voting for the most popular. Talent lost its cachet in the (over-tanned orange) face of celebrity.  That was bad enough.

Enter “Vote the Worst,” some snarky folks who wanted to crash the system – the formula for success for American Idol and its brethren.  Sure, we loved some of the nonsense it created.  We could not wait to see what Sanjaya would do to his hair.  We groaned, but took mighty guilty pleasure at Nancy Grace slogging her way through another quickstep on DWTS.  It was all just fun and games, until it wasn’t.

Enter Rick Santorum, whose Michigan campaign strategy can only be described as “Hey, Democrats, vote for me because your guy probably can’t beat our other guy!”  Really?  Well, of course, it’s true that Obama would have an easy time dismantling candidate Santorum, while candidate Romney would surely offer a more evenly matched duel.  The issue here is that the American public is being (almost openly) asked to “vote the worst” in the Republican primary!

I am about as close to the middle of the road, politically, as one can possibly be.  I see good ideas and bad ideas coming from both parties.  I sincerely hope we are offered the opportunity to choose between President Obama and the most highly qualified Republican candidate in November.  To think we might be forced to pick the status quo or an anachronism (nicer word than misogynist, which I suspect is more appropriate) is tragic.

Please vote for something, not just against. Find the ideas and goals and character you can support and do it.  Bad stuff is easy to see.  Pundits and pollsters and political operatives keep that in the headlines. We owe it to ourselves to look for the good – and there is good to find – and help make it grow.

I do not believe in the parties, I believe in the people.  I know lots of you and you are pretty cool, compassionate, and generous.  You are open-minded and close-knit.  You are strong and kind.  You can make things better. We can make things better.



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