Just Change the Channel

22 02 2012

Have you ever watched a television show and found yourself annoyed at the end of the hour because it had not been “good?”   You know that feeling of totally wasted time because you were bored, depressed, offended, or just not entertained by whatever it was.  Now, how many times would you choose to watch that same program again?

Why is it that we find it so acceptable to live that kind of bad re-run life?  So many of us go through the same motions every day and go to bed with the same sense of time not well spent, just spent.  There are some obligations that must be fulfilled, of course, whether or not we find them pleasant.  I’m talking about the optional stuff – and there’s a lot of it.

When we’re bored with what’s on TV, we change the channel.  We have Stumble Upon and Pinterest to offer new ideas and options at the click of a mouse.  We do not waste much time pressing the button when the screen is not interesting.  That’s the way to live!

It’s time I started paying as much attention and demanding as much from my whole life as I do from a prime-time drama, how-to show, or sitcom.  I will cut out “reality” programming (drama queens and princes,) get unbiased news (go outside and look at the world for myself,) stop watching depressing self-help shows (shut up my negative talk,) and find time for great comedy (spend time with happy friends.)

I will throw away the TV Guide, receive my own satellite transmissions, and never accept anything less than 3D, high-def, spectacular.

Oh, and I will sing my own theme songs for every thrilling new episode.




3 responses

22 02 2012
Katie Margolis

You GO, girl!

22 02 2012
Erica Shaffer

Totally awesome!

24 02 2012
Dana Zimmerman

Sounds like you got your thumb on the pulse of some worthwhile programming, my friend. Thanks for the inspiration!

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