Ready for the High Jump

1 02 2012

Give up the rat race.

That’s a phrase that resonates with a lot of folks; it certainly has been ringing in my ears, louder and louder.  Matter of fact, it has come to the point when I can no longer ignore it.  I know what I need to do, but I am scared.

At least, I was scared. I was afraid to cross the finish line.  I have leapt out of the blocks every business day for years, now. How could I stop running?  Competitive and driven by nature, it seemed inconceivable to just quit.

Then I realized, it is not quitting; it is moving to the next event.  My corporate race has been run, but life remains full of wonderful challenges.  As long as I was running the rat race, they were ignored.  It’s time for me to chase a different goal.

Who knows, I might jump over the moon.



4 responses

1 02 2012
Erica Shaffer

and so it begins. 🙂

1 02 2012
Dana Zimmerman

you go girl!

2 02 2012
Jean Van Brederode

Paula, I have no doubt that you will have no trouble succeeding in any venture! Go for it!

2 02 2012
Cuzzin Tando

You GO, Cuz. I fought the rat race for years, fought and clawed my way right up to middle management! You know, if you work hard 8 hours a day, and do a good job, you can get promoted into management, and work TWELVE hours a day! Whee!
Not for me, and I congratulate you on your pioneering spirit as you search for your next objective. I say get as much fun out of life as you can, while you can. Even Jim Fixx, the super-fit jogger dude, expected to live to 100, dropped dead while jogging of a massive coronary, so there’s hope for fat asses like me.
I’m the same age as Michael Jackson! I beat him, ha ha! And look how RICH he was!! Well……I’d be willing to bet, even when he was alive, that I was having more fun than he was. Running stop lights and using the handicap cart at WalMart and sneaking a hit off my pipe as I walk the dogs past the Holy Roller Church……..I say break a few rules along the way!
Good luck!!!
Cuzzin Tando

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