Does This Kitchen Make My Butt Look Big?

11 01 2012

My sister is one of the smartest people I’ve ever known.  She is also one of the bravest. It is with the sincerest gratitude for her gracious permission I share this story with you.

I love my sister’s house.  Whenever I visit, I feel better about the condition of the world. It is a place filled with people who love and respect each other.   It is a lovely home.

It was, however, for a time, in jeopardy.  According to my sister, the house was just too small.  Years of accumulated memories, two children who had grown tall overnight, and – sorry Phyllis – a bit of a tendency to keep everything, had encroached on comfortable space. Plans were drawn and redrawn, discussions about moving were had; there was a lot challenging the status of the lovely (too little) house.

Then, a miracle happened, or at least that’s how I see it.  My sister, who had always been pretty sedentary (and, as far as I was concerned, had a free pass on not exercising after going 15 rounds with cancer and kicking the snot out of it,) decided to lose a few pounds and get more fit. She looked wonderful when she came for Christmas, but it was not until I saw her in her own lovely house that I got the full effect.  She laughingly said, “Now that I’ve lost weight, my house is not too small. It fits quite comfortably!”

As usual, I learned something valuable from my sister.  She reminded me that issues are best resolved when we really understand the nature of the problem, so we can consider alternative solutions.  Sure, she could have added another room to the house, but how much better to have saved that money and gained better health.

Next time a problem arises, I will remember to check from more than one vantage point.  Sometimes the best answer is found by rephrasing the question.



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12 01 2012
Jennifer Daggs

I’ve been hearing and reading a lot lately about looking at problems from a different direction and rephrasing the question to find the right answer’s. Perhaps it truly is time for a paradigm shift!

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