Are We There Yet?

28 12 2011

Here we are, in that oddball week between Christmas and the New Year – that dead zone after the gifts have been opened but before the decorations are stowed away.  It’s like seven days’ worth of that awkward ten minutes after the bartender has turned up the lights, but before you can find your way to the door.  In the wrong light, even the best effort can look tacky.

The old familiar excuses, “I’m too tired from all the Christmas festivities I’ve planned/participated/ruined,” (hey, I don’t know your family) and “It’s too late to do anything to salvage 2011, so might as well wait until January,” can render even the most energetic and optimistic among us comatose. This year, because of the holidays’ weekend timing, it’s even worse; there’s not even a weekend in the middle to break up the blah. What’s a Type-A girl to do?

Since I find the best way to handle unpleasant things (that you can’t strangle) is to pretend they don’t exist, I suggest we just ignore the fact that the next few days represent the dregs of 2011. Don’t bother with the reflection, introspection, course correction, habit-rejection that usually sneaks up and stomps us this week.  Do what you think is right – right now.  It’s just that simple and just that hard.

Resolution-making is a tradition that only encourages us to lie to ourselves.  Why would we want to do that? I don’t want to, so there will be no list of 2012 personal To Do’s for me.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to do better.  I am just suggesting that we try to apply that idea broadly and generally – and as frequently as possible – in our everyday lives (and not just from January 1st until around President’s Day.)  It’s a reasonable plan for me and it’s easier to remember than a list.

Happy Every Day!




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28 12 2011




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