Shaken and Stirred

21 12 2011

Hello Holidays!  Nothing like that heady cocktail of emotions that defines the Christmas season – and it really doesn’t matter what’s your religious background, December affects us all.  Here is a recipe for a fairly traditional holiday season.  How many ingredients do you have on hand?

Twelve dozen cookies,

Eleven times the traffic,

Ten cranky in-laws,

Nine extra pounds,

Eight bad mall Santas,

Seven burned-out light bulbs,

Six cocktail parties,

Five hours’ sleep,

Four awful sweaters,

Three lost presents,

Two flights delayed,

And a case of seasonal flu!

This year, I am serving up a new tradition.  I am mixing a large portion of patience with a shot of understanding, a dash of humor, and a large pinch of gratitude.  I am sure this won’t be to everyone’s taste, but it will suit me perfectly.  I hope you’ll try it, too.

Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah!  Joyful Winter!  Peace!  Love!



One response

21 12 2011
Jennifer Daggs

I think your suggestion is right on the money Paula! I’m trying to share my gratitude everywhere I can. Don’t forget, smiles are contagious! Make sure you share a few, you might brighten a person’s day just by smiling at them. Happy Holidays!

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