The Art of the Bathroom

7 12 2011

“She can always put it in the bathroom, if she doesn’t like it,” I overheard someone remark about a gift of art she was considering.


The bathroom is the first place my eyes focus in the morning and the last light I turn out at night.

I LOVE the art in my bathroom!

Even for some of us who don’t think twice about putting another picture hanger in the wall, the bathroom is still less well-dressed than the rest of our home.  I decorate my house to suit me. After all, I live here!  Why would I hang a nicely framed original work in my little-used living room and then put an “everyone has these” predictable print (that matches the shower curtain, of course) in the room where I say my good mornings and good nights?  I wouldn’t.  As long as the medium can withstand the humidity (the piece won’t melt or run,) if I like it, it’s fair game for me. There are no other rules.

Go ahead. Put some art in your most functional of functional rooms.  They deserve be decorative, too – and I am not talking about air freshener/night lights – I mean put something on those walls that is meaningful and uplifting, that gives you joy.  You’ll be more decorative, too, if you start your morning smiling.

Art makes me smile.




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