The Neighborly Thing to Do

30 11 2011

Would you like to live in a mall?  No?  Me neither!

I am not a world traveler, but I have been to enough places in the US to know a Foot Locker is a Foot Locker, whether it is in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania or Phoenix, Arizona.  Olive Garden, Parsippany, NJ serves the same faux food as Olive Garden, Charlotte, NC.  One of the major selling points of national chains is also its greatest drawback – consistency – SAMENESS.

This time of year, many of us will succumb to the draw of the national retailer – the consistency of holiday purchasing.  We’ll buy the same electronics gadgets at the big box, the same sweaters at the strip mall boutique, the same gift certificates to the chain restaurants we have always purchased. We will rely on the Hallmark folks for cards and decorations that will look just like everyone else’s cards and decorations     .   .   .

Sounds more like a “to do” list than the holiday spirit to me.

This year, as in years past, my family and friends will receive gifts purchased locally from small retailers and hand-made originals by artists, many of whom I’ve come to know personally.  There will not be a single box from a mall store.  Why is this important to me – and why should you care?  First, money spent in locally owned stores on locally made items stays in our community; it does not go to China or Mexico or Malaysia.  Second, there is a special feeling of joy attached to an artisan-made gift; it was made of inspiration and love, not to meet a production quota.

Support the small business owners, artists, and fine service providers within our community.  They are the loveliest neighbors and they’re a big part of what makes where we live unique and wonderful.  There’s no place like home. Let’s keep it that way!



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30 11 2011

Well said! Thank you Paula!!

30 11 2011


30 11 2011
Erica Shaffer

go and grow local! 🙂

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