A Note from the Holiday Hypochondriac

23 11 2011


10. tryptophanitis– falling asleep before dessert.

9.  maritoma – bruising on your shin from your spouse kicking you under the table for asking about Uncle Richard’s third ex-wife.

8.  athlete’s food – eating dinner in front of the TV while watching the games.

7.  cranberryberi – extreme paranoid reaction to purplish can-shaped blobs that pass for food for one day of the year.

6.  bird flew – running out of turkey leftovers by December 20th.

5.  tachycardigan – you just had to wear that sweater Aunt Sarah gave you for your birthday.

4.  lactose zintolerance – got red wine?

3.  drumsticksophrenia – total emotional meltdown if you don’t get a leg.

2.   yawndice – see tryptophanitis.

1.  premature evacuation – leaving without helping to clean up the kitchen!

While there are some precautions that can be tried to prevent these conditions, their side effects are quite unpredictable and volatile, so it is wisest to just let them run their course.  Be thankful for your family and friends, this Thanksgiving and every day.

Peace, love, and plenty of pumpkin pie to you all!



4 responses

23 11 2011
Lois Quigley

Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, also.

23 11 2011
Donna Damgaard

Love it! Thanks for the chuckle! Happy Thanksgiving and see you Saturday!

24 11 2011
Jean Van Brederode

My Fav is #1 – Premature Evacuation! Happy Holidays!

25 11 2011
Erica Shaffer

Fabulous!! Peace, love and pumpkin pies to you!

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