Caution – Low Battery

16 11 2011

Welcome to the final laps of 2011 – the six-week-long sprint
of holiday shopping, family squabbling, peace on earth,
hey-that-was-my-parking-spot, and Auld Lang Syne.

This time of year demands lots of energy from every source.  The highways are crowded with cars carrying Thanksgiving guests to Grandma’s house, shoppers to Black Friday bonanzas, and kids home from college.  Electric meters are humming with the added draw from Christmas decorations that can be seen from Mars, electric blankets in continuous use, and lights that need to be turned on in the middle of the afternoon, now that Daylight Savings Time’s over.  Bodies are battered by leaf-raking, cleaning the house for company, putting up decorations, and carrying packages (and eating and drinking waaaay too much for anyone’s good.)

The holiday season demands another kind of energy, too.  You can’t look at a gauge to see how much you have.  You can’t refill it with a credit card.  Ibuprofen and a heating pad don’t renew it.  It is the energy it takes just to be you.  In the swirling currents of the holiday season, we are swept along, part of the family, community, the throng.  The traditions and expectations of these last weeks of the year engulf us and propel us, whether or not we want to go.  I find myself feeling lost in the shuffle.

The importance of belonging is never more obvious than at this time of year.  We gather as families to share feasts.  We gather as communities to light holiday decorations. We gather as consumers to snap up gifts for loved ones.   Not so obvious is how we need to protect and nurture our self-ness, especially as we celebrate all this togetherness.  Everything we share with others starts with who we are as individuals. Remember to respect yourself and honor your individual value.  Don’t forget to give yourself time to recharge this season. There are no extra batteries for some things.



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16 11 2011
Millie Krauss

Goog advice.

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