We’re All In This Together

2 11 2011

Author’s Note: Miss Muse is alone in a hotel room, too far from home and family for comfort, so she’s a little moody.

For the vast majority of us, family, clan, pack, society, is natural.  Few of us are truly lone wolves.  We love being part of something bigger than we are.  As strongly as we want to belong, we also want to remain individuals.  Well, kids, those two ideals are not always harmonious.

Everyone wants to “have their own way.” It’s natural. It’s also impossible. We do not exist in a vacuum; there are lots of other people, with whom we must get along.  Civilization is a good thing.

As much as we pride ourselves on our individuality, we are not self-sufficient.  We require the help of many other people whose individual wants won’t always be in line with ours. How do we keep this interdependent society working for all of us, when we individuals have competing interests?  We acknowledge that the benefits we derive from being part of the group are worth not getting our way all the time. When there are competing desires within a group, the question that will yield the best resolution is “What is best for the group?”

I belong to several groups – a family, a company that employs me, a neighborhood, and an arts group, to name a few.  I am certain that I am far better off as a member of each one than I would be alone.  To me, belonging to a group is not about being less me; it’s about being better me.  .  .  and those lovely important-to-me folks who are in those groups with me will agree, I need all the better I can get!



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2 11 2011
Lois Quigley

Well spoken as usual! lbq

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