Who’s Responsible?

19 10 2011

I’ve been thinking about how my views on “responsibility” have changed over my many years of trying to grow up and was mid-outline for a little post about it, when I was derailed by a Facebook discussion about the virtues of vaccinating children.  One of the comments struck me as particularly ridiculous and led me to a different examination of responsibility.

Here’s the set-up:

1 in 10 Parents Ignores the CDC Recommended Vaccine Schedule | Inhabitots  www.inhabitots.com        Do you ignore the CDC recommended vaccine schedule? Why?

Here’s the response that made me slam my head on my desk:

No I don’t think parents should follow the schedule. Vaccines are poison, I think a parent should decide if a child is vaccinated at all and if they opt for vaccination they should do their homework before deciding “when”. Oh and yes, I ignore it entirely. Because I’m not putting that crap into my child’s body until he is old enough to understand it and choose for himself.

until he is old enough to understand it and choose for himself –

Okay, if this applies to scientifically-proven well-documented medicines, let me get this concept completely straight.  It is the responsibility of every individual, from the moment the umbilical cord’s cut, to determine what to “put into his body.”  If anyone accepts this argument, what is parenting?  Is it any more than sperm and egg donor?  If parents do not have the responsibility to make decisions regarding the welfare of their children, that’s it.

Responsibility should be something earned. It is the right and duty to make important decisions that affect others; however, because we have the freedom to have children – without so much as a training permit – responsibility is thrust upon many who are not equipped to handle it. More troubling than those who are unable to handle responsibility are those who are simply unwilling to behave responsibly.

.  .  .  and now, I am going to climb up onto my mighty soap box and holler until my head no longer feels like it might burst.

Many of the same people who refuse the learned advice of their physicians as respects vaccinations as an excellent method of preventing the contraction and spread of deadly disease wish to have laws passed that ban the serving of potatoes in school lunch programs.  You can choose German measles, but not French fries! Mothers who rail against inoculations have their baby boys circumcised, not for religious reasons, but out of societal habit. I have even heard anti-vaccination harangues from women who have aborted pregnancies, which seems to be pretty surely more damaging than MMR shots.

Parents are responsible for making safe choices for their children.  Put them in the appropriate car seat, make them brush their teeth, and get them vaccinated.  Until they are old enough to truly understand risk, your job is to protect them, period.




One response

19 10 2011
Millie Krauss

I agree 100%. Real parents take care of their children. If they do, just maybe their children will take care of them someday.

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