It’s The Little Things

24 08 2011

A few weeks ago, I attended a lovely and raucous 50th birthday luncheon for a spirited and kind friend.  We had so much fun we feared we’d jeopardized the country club membership of one of our hostesses!  There were many big moments, as befitting such a momentous occasion, but it was one small gesture that made the biggest impression on me – tiny vases with miniature fresh bouquets were set at each place as favors for the guests.

I love flowers and perennial gardening and have loads of beautiful blooms throughout my landscape, but I do not, as a rule, cut them to bring indoors because my husband is allergic to everything!  The artful arrangement of a tiny amount of plant material in that little glass vessel made me realize I could enjoy cut flowers without setting my husband’s nose on fire.  I have enjoyed pocket-sized bouquets gracing my kitchen window sill every day since that party.  Having those few beautiful little blooms with a sprig or two of greenery to greet me each morning starts every day off on a bright note. What a big effect such a small thing has made in my mood.

We all know folks who are facing some rough spots in their lives.  I promise, even if you are not aware of it, you know people with heavy hearts.  It is easy to think there is nothing we can do to help.  The problems are large. Our means are small. We can’t make a difference.  That is just wrong.  We may not be able to “fix” things, but we can make a difference.  That little vase of flowers has done more to lift my spirits than a florist-delivered budget-busting arrangement ever could.  It was a surprise.  It was spontaneous.  It required no quid pro quo.

It was simply a nice little gesture.

Go ahead – do something nice. Wave at the school bus.  Hold open the door for someone. Round up the waitress’s tip to the next dollar.  There are opportunities to do nice little things everywhere; just do them.  You never know the positive impact your nice little gesture could have.  I promise you, though, the little things do count.



One response

24 08 2011
linda billet

I just read an article that said a study showed that the serotonin levels were raised in persons that gave nice gestures as well as persons receiving the same gesture. The surprise in the study was that person’s observing a nice gesture also had a raise in serotonin level. So it is a scientific fact that you can have a huge positive impact with little or no money involved.

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