Athletes and Artists

17 08 2011

I love baseball, specifically, the Phillies and the Nationals – the best and the worst teams in our neck of the woods.  How can I feel so strongly about these two very different teams?  It’s simple.  I love the power of the Phillies pitching staff, the precision of their infield, and the lightening speed of the “Flyin Hawaiian” Shane Victorino.  I love to watch the determination of the Nats, to see them come back from disaster to win now and then, to see Jason Werth fight through a long dry spell at the plate.

Beauty and perfect execution are always breath-taking. So is grit and perseverance.  The one thing that I see when I watch either of my favorite teams is the love their players have for what they are doing.  They are highly-paid professionals, I know. When one of them pitches a shut-out, hits a walk-off home run, or makes a diving catch to save the day, though, it is not the money they’re celebrating – it is the joy of having DONE it!

Artists are a lot like baseball players.  Some are blindingly talented and are rewarded richly by adoring fans.  Some are good enough to earn their living by creating, but will never feel the glare of the spotlight.  Many more will not ever receive a dime for their effort.  All of them, though, are artists.  They create for the joy of DOING it.

Many people play baseball. Most of them have no illusions of achieving big league status.  They play because they love to play.  Artists make things because we love to make things. We train, practice, strategize, and they we PLAY.  Some of us will hit that grand slam, pitch that perfect game, but all of us will enjoy the game.

Now, for some extreme silliness, SING (to the tune of Take Me out to the Ballgame, of course!)

Take me out to the craft fair. Take me out with my friends.

I’ll buy a vase and a wood wind chime. I don’t care if I spend every dime.

For it’s all been made in the U.S.  – with love, attention, and flair.

Cause it’s




At the fine craft fair!



One response

18 08 2011
Richelle Walk

I love your version of that song!

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