10 08 2011

Summer Vacation

Note: Miss Muse has had a rough week.  Today begins a new year without my beautiful Jessica.  For those readers who never met Jess and don’t know her parents, I offer this brief explanation of the post to follow.  Jessica was a very happy girl.  She often reminded us, “Laughing is fun!”  Her father and I fell in love, endured hardships, and are surviving the enormous tragedy of losing Jess because of our shared sense of humor.  In the spirit of laughter – and with the little energy Miss Muse has – here is this week’s post.


10. Mom’s Away!  This was her warning to the guinea pig when I dropped carrots into the cage.

9. Let’s see what Miss Chris did.  Every Wednesday, she’d rush up to her room, knowing Chris had cleaned it – and created something wonderful with her stuffed animals and toys.  For over ten years, she was NEVER disappointed.

8. .  .  .  and one for Katy. This was Jess’s workaround when I said she could have just one of anything.

7. Daddy has a long nose.”  Warning Rated R.  She, at about age 2, surprised her dad in the bathroom.  Mommy corrected her. “It’s not that long.”

6. He’s the one with the curly hair. Jess loved High School Musical’s basketball song, especially Chad Danforth.  It never occured to her to describe him as “the black one.”  Race did not matter. Troy had straight hair; Chad had curly hair.

5. Annoying, annoying, annoying.  Usually directed at slow-functioning electronics.

4. Just stay home and be bored.  Her conversation-ending response to my requests to please get dressed/take medicine/put on shoes.

3.  Walk the plank, maybe!   My favorite malapropism; Daddy calls her the ambivalent pirate.

2. Grandma!  The first response to the question “Daddy, Mommy, or Grandma?

1.  Laughing is fun!

.  .  .  and one Mommy-ism for my beautiful girl.

I love you better than anybody.




3 responses

10 08 2011
Jean Van Brederode

Paula, that was a beautiful and upbeat tribute to your precious Jessica. #7 had me laughing out loud!

10 08 2011
Margie Fultz

Love. The gift that wounds and heals. I can’t imagine your pain, but ah….. the gift of love. Thinking of you, my friend.

10 08 2011
Lois Quigley

Very nice! I bet that put allot of smiles on your face. You made it through the first year, from here on their will be more smiles when you think of your Jessie.

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