The Embroidery Lesson

27 07 2011

When we learned that our beautiful Jessica was autistic, we knew we would never be grandparents  .  .  .  we were wrong.  My wonderful nephew, Josh, and his beautiful wife, Maura, gave me Grandma status with the arrival of their precious daughter, Eva, five years ago.  My generous sister-in-law Karen – Grandma #1 – was supportive of my Emeritus status, too.

Last weekend, Eva and Josh and Maura came for a visit.  What a treat.  We are approaching the first anniversary of saying goodbye to our Jessica and as the day comes closer, I find myself fighting hard to stay out of the undertow.  Miss Eva and her mom and dad provided the perfect life vest – family love and joy.

Eva held Chuck, Jessie’s cuddly guinea pig.  She promised to take good care of one of Jessie’s stuffed animals we gave her to take home.  She made a lovely necklace and bracelet from my stash of beads, then she was ready for a new challenge. Jess, in spite of her handicaps, was amazingly good at embroidering beads to designs I drew for her.  I wanted to show Eva how to embroider, too.

With Maura’s nervous approval, I showed Eva the embroidery hoop with the fabric stretched on it, the outline of a heart rendered in Sharpie dots.  We discussed color choice – purple was the winner.  I threaded the needle, a standard large-eye embroidery; explained that it was very sharp, but, with careful attention, she would not poke herself; showed her how to see the needle from underneath the fabric by sliding it along until it found the dot; and she was off to the races!

Eva did beautifully, not a drop of blood drawn, perfect back stitch outlines, and five (5!) pieces finished.  Eva was so proud. Maura was so proud.  I was touched. It brought back vividly the memories of all the times I threaded needles and dotted designs for my beautiful Jessica.

I am a good grandma.  I was a good mom.  I am a lucky woman.



8 responses

27 07 2011

You are…you STILL are…you are…and a good friend too boot!!!! I too, am lucky!!

27 07 2011

…… and you are Wonder Woman!

27 07 2011

Oh, Bobbi, there are many days when I truly am – “wonder what the heck I’m going to do next” woman!

27 07 2011
linda billet

……a good writer……wait- I meant GREAT writer that gives fab advice.

27 07 2011

The love you share with all of us is magnified daily in what we all do and say. I hope it comes back to you in clouds that ease your pain.

27 07 2011

There is good in every day; it’s brought to me by Jessica.

27 07 2011
Lois Quigley

We are all there for you and hoping you can get through your lose being a proud mom and have a smile on your face remembering all the wonderful times you had and things you did with your beautiful Jessica. My heart goes out to you my friend…..

27 07 2011
Sharon Ruth

Hey you forgot good friend! You will never loose Mom status, Paula. Look at the opportunity to continue to love and continue to mold a precious child. Jess is in heaven smiling at how mom is helping Eva learn the ropes like she did. I know this is a tough time, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong lady!!!

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