Financial Advice from Flight Attendants

20 07 2011

“Please secure your own mask before trying to assist others.”  Anyone who’s ever flown on a commercial airliner has heard this admonition. It is part of the standard safety talk recited before every flight. This is not a message of self-centeredness. It is pretty simple to understand that, unless you remain conscious – by putting on your oxygen mask before trying to do anything else – you surely will be no good to anyone.

My sister, who is probably the smartest woman I know, said she would like to see us, the United States,  adopt the same principle as that flight safety message – take care of yourself first, because, if you don’t you will be unable to help anyone else.  Phyllis is a fiscal conservative, not just on the macro side, but personally.  She walks the walk; has done it for years.

Phyllis is also generous and kind.  I say this because, when thinking about politics, I (am embarrassed to admit) find myself equating fiscal conservatism with hard-heartedness and lack of compassion.  Absent the political hyperbole, it is really simple common sense.  As Phyllis pointed out, unless we are strong and healthy, we can be of no help to others.

Common sense, personal responsibility, and kindness seem to be pretty reasonable guidelines for life in general.  Good for me, good for you, good for the United States.

Secure your own mask first.



One response

20 07 2011

Your sister is one smart cookie!!! I’m with her.

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