Appreciate – an Active Verb

13 07 2011

Waaaaaa!  I’m Sick.

Well, suck it up, Sister.  It’s Wednesday – blog day – so get on it.

Can’t I just skip it this one time?  I’ll do it next week, I promise.

There might not be a next week.  Do you really want to have reneged on a promise to yourself to be the last thing you ever do?

Don’t be so melodramatic.  You’re just bullying me and I’m sick.

I know you’re feeling lousy.  Your head hurts, your eyes are bleary, your ribs are sore from coughing; however, you will feel physically better in a few days. You’ll feel personally worse if you fail in keeping your promise to yourself.

Man, I HATE when my inner adult makes sense to me when all I want to do is retreat to my inner six-year-old.  I realize that one of the things I take most for granted is my health.  How angry I get when I wake up feeling less than great.  How entitled I feel to feeling good. Wow.

More surprising than taking my good health for granted is how ungrateful I am for it when I feel great.  I never get up in the morning, take a deep wheeze-free breath, clearly hear the birds outside my window, and think, “I feel GREAT!  Isn’t this marvelous?”  Conversely, I am all too aware of something being “off” – some warning signal of an impending illness – something to inconvenience self-important me.

Today, I am trying to learn from my temporary infirmity.  I can neither whine nor curse my way to wellness.  I can follow my doctor’s advice, take my medicine, and wait out this bug. More importantly, when I do feel better, I will take a moment every day to actually notice how good I feel.

When something is going as it should, it often gets taken for granted. It should be actively appreciated.

Even though her life certainly did not go as it should have, I appreciate the memories of every day I had with my beautiful Jessie, who has been gone from our house for almost a year but remains in my heart every moment.

I will appreciate my good health, my good marriage, my good family, my good friends, my good memories, my good life.



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13 07 2011
Jean Macaluso

Well said! Thank you Paula! Jean Macaluso

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