29 06 2011

“Help yourself, please.  I have plenty.”

What a wonderful glorious feeling – plenty.  I am of average income.  I have no trust fund, no lottery winnings, no golden goose, but I have plenty.  What does it mean to have plenty?  It means we can share.  Sharing leads to another glorious feeling – a positive connection to our world.

What in the world would make me think about such a November-ish word – plenty – in June?  Chipmunks.  Yep, chipmunks.  One of my mother’s neighbors is obsessed with eradicating these cute little rodents from his suburban landscape.  He cusses their fuzzy little physiques, sure they’ll eat his entire lawn.  He begrudges them the tiny little holes they dig. So sad for him.

A few days ago, I was surprised by the speed with which birds were consuming the suet cakes I put on the back porch, when I discovered it was not the birds who were scarfing up the oily seedy treats – it was a chipmunk!

Felonious Munk

I could have simply stopped putting the suet on the porch post feeder, providing it only in the one hanging from a tree branch.  That would have showed the little rascal. It would have also stopped me from getting to enjoy the cardinal pair, the downy woodpecker pair, and the sparrow fledgling who sat on the rail while mama bird brought tidbits to his waiting gaping beak  .  .  .  not to mention the antics of the ‘munk himself.

By acting from a position of plenty – I can always get more suet cakes – I can enjoy the beauty of nature while I am drinking coffee in my air-conditioned kitchen.  Acting from a position of plenty enables us to gain more than we give.  What a great deal.

Identify something plentiful in your life – cookies, books, smiles – and share.  It is the surest way to increase spiritual wealth.

There is plenty of good.  Share it.

If you’re afraid you’ll run out, help yourself to some of mine.

I have plenty.



5 responses

29 06 2011

“There is plenty of good. Share it.” – I love this sentiment! Thanks for sharing 🙂

29 06 2011

such a wonderful perspective. I love watching the squirrel hang upside down to grab bird seed out of our feeder. who am I to say who eats and who doesn’t.

29 06 2011
Diane McLauchlan

Yes, the joy our ‘windows on the world’ can bring to us is worth far more than the cost of what we share.

29 06 2011
Millie Krauss

I agree. Sharing is great. I shared my strawberries with the little chipmonks in my yard. However, they didn’t share with me . They shared with their little friends.

4 01 2017
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