What’s In A Name?

8 06 2011

Warning: This Post Is Unsuitable for Children and Easily Offended Adults

Oh, Anthony, your initial unwillingness to state with certitude whether or not that lovely study in gray and white was you was the one thing that made almost everyone think you were untruthful – or really really stupid, and most folks prefer to paint you as a liar than a doofus.

Anthony, dear, I believe you were truly unsure about whose parts posed for that photo, but when you realized (duh) you were going to be found out for sending the naughtiness through the ether, you had no choice but to “confess.” 

Here’s what I think:

  1.  You like to talk nasty to women you don’t know, even though you are married now. Not against any laws, but not cool.
  2. You like to enhance your stories with photos. Hasn’t anyone explained to you the internet is forever?
  3. You like to look your best in said photos.  Photoshop can be spotted, so,
  4. You hired a body-double to be sure “you” look “your” best in those photos, so,
  5. You couldn’t say whether or not it was you in the photo in question because to admit it would be politically bad and to deny it would be a blow (sorry, only word I could use here) to your image and ego.

So, Anthony, you lied. 

You lied about sending dirty pictures to women who are not your wife, but I think the only real true statement you made – not knowing whether or not that was the real Weiner in that photo – was the one that tripped you up.  Ironic. 

Oh, Anthony, if only your mother had the foreskin, er, foresight to name you Richard  .  .  .



3 responses

8 06 2011
Jennifer Daggs

Ooooh, you are good!

8 06 2011
Roxan O'Brien

.The sad thing about this whole thing is that he left down a lot more than his wife and family, he left us all down. He was a very effective congressman who fought for the down trotted and disenfranchised. Because he allowed something besides his brain to think for him, he may lose his seat and we an otherwise good congressman. Whatever made him and so many others think that their behavior would never be found out by the media and tabloid papers.

19 07 2011

More and more, I agree with Douglas Adams. Anyone who wants the job of President/Congressmember/Senator is automatically disqualified for the job.

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