Protect Yourself

18 05 2011

Graduations are in full swing.  This time of year always puts me in a reflective mood.  What have I done with my life?  How’d I get where I am?  What lessons were hard-learned? Can I help any of my barely-adult family members avoid some of the bruises and scars left by my youthful bad judgment?

I have beautiful nieces and nephews and my friends and neighbors have lovely young people preparing to leave their nests, too.  All that “Pomp and Circumstance” had whipped me into a fury; I was ready to impart the wisdom of the ages, er, aged  .  .  . 

Hold it! Forcing myself to look over my shoulder – way back – I saw myself at that age.  I remembered the advice heaped upon me by aunties (who were then my age now.)  Advice that was chock-full of experience, love, and truth, but advice I was unable to hear.  My ears were just too young.  Was I even a little bit grateful for the effort?  Nope.  I was, at best, bored to tears, and, at worst, mad as hell.

Great, just great. 

Life holds some ugly monsters and I can’t even warn them about the hiding places; I can’t tell them what clues to watch for; I can’t even give them a weapon to defend themselves.  I can only hope they can find their own way to this place in forty years.  It is a good place, not perfect, but good. I can look back at my youth and cringe or even cry, but I see how the constant course corrections that I can now call “growing up” have carried me to my home.

Just in case any of you beautiful, promising, shining stars of the future might be listening, I humbly offer you this –

Never doubt your value to the world (or to your mother.)  You are worth everything.  Never put yourself in a position where you must defend yourself.  Protect yourself. 

   I love you.



One response

18 05 2011

Ah, yes! I’ve imparted “my wisdom” on my grandson. His eyes glazed over and I quit and just hugged him. Guess what? He hugged me back.

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