Slow Down

11 05 2011

The past few days have been picture-perfect spring.  Temperatures in the sixties with a cerulean blue sky glowing with May sunshine – idyllic – and tailor-made to put me into warp drive.  My inner voice becomes a drill sergeant. “Step on it, Sister.  You’ve got work to do in this yard!”  So, I check my supplies, make my list, jump into my car and race off to my favorite garden center. I am a woman on a mission.

And then, the bicyclists appear.  I slow down.  We are on a hilly, curvy, back road, so I do not have an immediate opportunity to pass the peloton.  My first instinct is to tap my fingers on the steering wheel and fret, muttering about the insensitivity of these spandex-clad specimens, who are forcing me NOT to hurry.  That thought vanishes like smoke in the breeze, though, when I realize the beauty of the little back road that reveals itself so vividly at 10 m.p.h.

I am not a cyclist. I have a fear of stray dogs, chafing, and wearing spandex; and I am aerobic exercise-averse. I would never have seen that stretch of countryside in such depth had those cyclists not needed their fair share of the road.  As a bonus, because I had been courteous and not crowded them on that uphill, when I did safely pass, they all waved and smiled their acknowledgement and thanks.

When forced to slow down, change course, we should not presume that it is a bad thing.  There is always something good in our world.  Sometimes, it takes something unexpected to slow us down enough to appreciate it.




4 responses

11 05 2011
Wendy Graham

At times we all need to be reminded to slow down,but I am loving the irony that the gardener needed to be reminded to stop and smell the roses!

Oh, and how I wish more people had that healthy fear of spandex!

11 05 2011

Not all gardeners are as type AAAAAAA as the author, Ms SmartyPants! I admit it.

11 05 2011
Jean Van Brederode

Gives a new twist to the phrase “Take time to smell the roses” Gardener Paula!

12 05 2011
Paul Grecian

It really was the perfect day to slow down…… looks pretty darn good as well. BTW, you made me look up “peloton”, that slowed me down a bit.

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