A Different Egg

27 04 2011

This Easter, for the first time in many years, I did not ghost-write the traditional poem from the Easter Bunny.  There were no colored eggs, no baskets filled with candy and trinkets, no laughter filling our house.  There were only memories.

Easter was my Jessie’s favorite holiday – and that is saying a lot, because she loved them all.  She loved hanging plastic eggs from one of my favorite Japanese maples, finding for the personal note-filled toy eggs Miss Chris would always write and hide especially for her, dissolving dye tablets in vinegar and “stinking up the house” to color the (dozens of) hard-boiled ones  She loved her big pink inflatable lawn ornament bunny and she loved having her (grown) cousins Ben and Katy out in the back yard, baskets in hand, helping her find all the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden just for her. 

Jessica was unashamedly joyful on Easter – and many other days, too.  What a wonderful way to be.  How often I have suppressed my excitement in an effort not to appear foolish; how often have you?  How foolish is that?  Whenever the occasion presents itself, cheer out loud.  Whenever the music moves you, dance.  It is just selfish to keep a good mood to yourself. 

“Laughing is fun.”  These are some wise words from my beautiful Jessica, my “different egg” child.  Share your laughter.  While you’re at it, share your malted milk candy eggs, too.  The Easter Bunny skipped some of us this year.




5 responses

27 04 2011

This embodies the Spirit of Easter. Thanks for sharing the joy!

27 04 2011

P.S. Sending TONS of virtual malted milk balls your way! Calorie free!! 🙂

27 04 2011

Thanks for reading, commenting, and the virtual candy!

27 04 2011
Katie Margolis

Thanks for reminding me that joy is for the taking…and the giving.

28 04 2011
linda billet

The article gave me goosebumps and then I clicked to allow the picture to download. Her photo gave me a big smile and some tears (happy ones.)

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