April Fool

13 04 2011

Oh, April, must you always fool me?

Monday was sunny and in the 80’s – time to celebrate!

Time to get out the garden tools.

Time to put away the turtlenecks.

Time to find the sunscreen.

Time to open the windows.

It’s April!

Tuesday, it was gray, gray, gray, drizzly and c-c-c-cold – time to mope.

It’s April.

Every year, I fall for April’s trick.  All it takes is one beautiful day and I am giddy with dreams of sitting on the porch swing, enjoying the warm breeze, watching my flowers bloom.  I am high on the promise of the next day, then, April Fool, it’s as if Mother Nature’s developed a sudden upper respiratory infection.  Her complexion is pallid and there are chills and the dripping, oh the dripping.  What to do, what to do?

I don’t want to catch this most unpleasant form of spring fever. Shall I stay in bed and rest until it’s all better?  Sounds pretty good, but I don’t have enough sick days to last until May. 

Better to remind myself that, like all fools, April’s behavior has some positive – even if unintended – side effects.  I just need to appreciate those when they happen.  In her quest to throw me curveballs, she sometimes leaves one hanging over the plate for me to hit out of the park, so I will stay in the game.  I will take full advantage of the teasing beauty that peeks from under the rain from time to time, I will watch new foliage unfurling from rain-soaked buds, and I will wait   .   .   .

April, you’ve fooled me before and you’ll fool me again, but you can’t ever fool me for long.  Laugh while you can, April Fool.  Your days are numbered.




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