Miss Muse Goes to Atlantic City

6 04 2011

Business trips are boring. Atlantic City business trips are a brain-slapping mix of mindless tedium and full sensory assault. This has caused Miss Muse to be very cranky, so I’ll make this quick.

There are lots of people in the world who need assistance.  They are sick, ill-educated, abused, victims of natural disaster or war.  They deserve unbridled sympathy and help.

There are lots of people in the world who want assistance.  They are unmotivated, selfish, lazy, worshippers at the “I’m entitled” altar.  They deserve nothing – except a wake-up call and opportunity to earn their keep.

There are lots of people who do not fit into either of the above groups. We must discern for ourselves whether someone needs – or just wants – assistance. We should whole-heartedly do all we can to help someone who truly needs our help.   We should decline to “help” those who do not truly need it; otherwise, we perpetuate the cycle of learned helplessness.   

Miss Muse wanted to “help” a lady at the card table last night. Miss Muse was sure she needed assistance to understand basic investing, but my rational brain stopped her.  Clearly, it would have done no good to have explained to the indignant and disappointed “playah” that, if she wanted a dinner at the casino buffet, she should NOT have gambled away her $200, in the hopes of getting a “comp.”  She could have simply bought herself dinner for about a tenth of that! While the lady probably did “need” that lesson, Miss Muse needed to not get poked in the nose.

Know what you want.  Know what you need.  Know the difference.  

Miss Muse needs breakfast.  Maybe she will be less grumpy after coffee.



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