(I Am) The Cowardly Lion

23 03 2011

Did you ever discover something about yourself that surprised you – even shocked you?  Happened to me this week. I have been cruel to animals – lions, to be precise.

Poor lion.  He is just a prop in my elaborate play.  See how brave I am?  I am not to be trifled with.  Ask the lion.  I’ve stuck my head into his mouth so many times he has TMJ.

Courage, real courage, is a fine and important attribute.  My false bravery – what I refer to as having more guts than brains – is its own brand of cowardice.  It allows me to hide my emotions and keep myself disengaged from real challenges.  It slams on the brakes before I can even see what is over the next hill. It saves me from disappointment, but it also prevents me from having fun. 

The only way to live well and fully is to honor the reality of every situation.  I am going to respect my true courage.  I am also going to respect my fears and challenges and embrace my opportunities. 

March is here.  Let him roar. He doesn’t scare me – so I will stop trying to scare him.



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