Thanksgiving in March

16 03 2011

In the midst of local, national, and international tragedy – devastating acts of nature and man – I propose we have Thanksgiving in March.

There is nothing anyone can do to turn back time, to prevent the furious destructive force that was the Japan earthquake, to ground the Libyan jets that attacked and killed their own countrymen, to save a Pennsylvania farm mother the loss of her innocent children, to have my beautiful child with me to celebrate another birthday.  Unfairness and sorrow is ever present, well-documented, and described in detail on the nightly news and in the minds of those who have experienced loss.  What is there to celebrate?

I believe the world is filled with decent, brave, kind, and generous people who deserve to be recognized with far greater fanfare than the lunatic fringe who make the nightly news. As long as there are more kind hearts than cold ones, we should celebrate. As long as there are people who are brave enough to stand for human rights, we should celebrate.  As long as there are communities to comfort and protect us while we grieve our personal losses, we should celebrate. 

Even as nature shreds part of the planet, there is evidence of Earth’s hospitality. In my yard, buds are swelling on trees, spring bulbs are pushing green shoots up through the dark rain-soaked soil, and birds of enormous variety and beauty sing to me in the morning. Not everything is beautiful, but there is so much more good than bad, and for that, we should celebrate.

Pain and hardship move into every life at some time or another, but we do not have to let them stay. They are just bad tenants to be dealt with and evicted as soon as possible. Joy and peace are always ready to come back and clean up the place. We just need to make room – hang out the welcome sign. We can’t change the past, but we can decide how to react to it. I choose to focus on the good in my life. I choose to thrill in the accomplishments of my family and friends, to wrap myself in their love, and to enjoy the beauty present around me every day.  I choose to share my optimism, too, so let’s have Thanksgiving in March.

Who wants pie?



4 responses

16 03 2011


17 03 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! Pumpkin or Mince?

17 03 2011
paula lewis

Always pumpkin, my husband’s favorite, Bobbi. HG, let me know when you’re coming to visit and I will have one (or two) out of the oven waiting for you!

22 03 2011
Paul Grecian

Come-on Paula, you KNOW I want pie! And I agree, Thanksgiving once a year is not enough…..

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