A Love Letter to Martin Sheen

9 03 2011


Dear Martin,

There is no more awful feeling for a parent to endure than to watch your child suffer.  Irrespective of his other attributes – wealth, fame, success – your son is suffering.  I want you to know how sorry I am for your pain. 

Whatever one thinks about how people fall into addiction – they should have known better, should never have tried drugs, should never have taken a drink – is immaterial after the addiction has taken hold.  Whether or not he brought it on himself, your son is truly in distress.  He is killing himself in full view of everyone who loves him as well as acquaintances and strangers whose only interest is curiosity and schadenfreude.

I hope your son can recover from his illness.

I hope people realize that even celebrity hearts ache for their children. 

I hope people will find compassion in their hearts for your son – self-inflicted wounds are still wounds  – but I hope they never understand your pain because it must be experienced to be understood.

I understand.


Jessica’s Mom



5 responses

9 03 2011

Your response is truly compassionate. While I have become sick and tired of hearing and reading about each CS tirade, you have taken the high road with your post. We should all join Martin in praying for his son as he has requested. As a recovering celebrity addict himself, Martin surely realizes the peril of this situation.

9 03 2011
Roxan O'Brien

Thanks Paula for this thoughtful letter. I too feel so sorry for his family and real friends. I do not find it funny to watch him destroy himself. Those who take joy in watching every little detail of his downward spiral are adding to his problem.
You are either part of the problem or part of the solution,there can be no middle ground here. I just hope the media will soon lose interest in this sick obsession and that can only happen when the rest of us stop watching when it comes on the TV.

9 03 2011
Cara Cecil

I am so glad there are other people out there that realize how much Charlie’s family is hurting. I am the mother of an addict and alc. son and it took a long time but you finally have to say enough is enough. You have to say I love you but I can’t watch you kill yourself anymore. I truly hope that Charlie can come through this and eventually get the mental help that he needs. And I hope that his family is also getting help for all of the pain that they are going through.

9 03 2011
Wendy Graham

My heart aches for Charlie and Martin, as well as the rest of the Sheen family and friends. Addiction is a cunning, insidious disease that left untreated, destroys countless lives. Those heartless enough to make tasteless jokes should instead take stock of their own lives, be grateful and remember that there, but for the grace of god, go I.

It was not all that long ago that I walked the dark path that Charlie now walks. It was sad that my friends and family were witnesses to my journey but I am grateful that I did not have to do it in full view of millions of others.

I was luckier that Charlie seems to be because I had courageous friends (like Jessica’s mom) who loved me enough to refuse to watch me destroy myself and the thought of losing them was a price I was not willing to pay. That love saved my life. The best we can do is refuse to watch the destruction, and deny our attention to those who are trying to cash in on a family’s pain.

9 03 2011
Jean Van Brederode

Well said, Paula. We all need to look beyond the obvious to what lies beneath.

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