Why Mom Always Liked Phyllis Best

23 02 2011

My sister is an over-achiever.  She has done amazing things in so many areas of life, I could not (and will not because I am crazy-jealous) begin to list them all.  There is one thing, though, I must talk about because it affects me (why else would I care?)

I’d like to talk about Phyllis as a mother, specifically how she raised her son, Ben. Not to bore you with the details of his fewer than 20 years of world-by-the-ass-so-far life, but he is pretty spectacular – for the most part – but, there was an alarming incident a few weeks ago that I feel must be brought to light.  It concerns his disrespect for those of us who follow our creative muse. 

Here is the situation.  During a job interview, my nephew was asked, What about you would you not want us to know?  It is a stupid question, especially for a kid who is a straight-A, chess club president, guitar-playing, swing-dancing, handsome, kind – I am NOT making this up – nice young man.  I am sure he felt cornered, pressured to respond, so he instinctively replied, based on  the ingrained negativity I am sure must have sprung from his mother’s ill will toward her older sister (no, I am not paranoid and self-absorbed!)

In a hushed voice, Ben replied, My sister is an artist.

Phyllis, you have really done it, now!  Not only have you raised a math genius, charming, responsible, respectable son – you nurtured a wicked sense of humor.  You really are an over-achiever.  Ben replied to that vapid interview question with levity and, in so doing, took the opportunity to say something important about his sister Kate, who really is a wonderful artist.  Thank you from the bottom of my envy-green heart!



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