Spelling Bleep

16 02 2011

Go away, blues, seasonal affective disorder, melancholy – whatever you call yourself.  You have worn out your welcome and me.  Like a dull but persistent headache, you have hung around, just under the surface, making everything else in my life a little bit less pleasant than it should be. 

You know, when you have that little nagging headache, as soon as you take an Advil, you are on your way to a better day?  Well, this morning, I found a dose of temperament Tylenol – legal, free, effective – in a Facebook post. 

There are lots of clever Facebookers and lots of humorous articles and cartoons, but this morning, I found a real winner – one of those funny-by-accident posts that make you groan and giggle at the same time.  There, in a comment in response to a lovely painting by Suzanne Grissett Buckner, it was.  Psychic gold just when I was feeling broke.  To see better images of SGB’s work, visit www.SuzanneBuckner.com, but here is a snapshot of the work that produced the comment –

and here’s the comment, exactly as it was posted:

ooo she is so sofisticated. Does she live in Paris? I think she might 🙂


I’ll admit I am part German.  I feel somewhat better about myself when I am confronted with someone who does not use Spellchecker, but  to misspell that particular word in that context, commenting on a (very wonderful) self-taught, Alabama ( I was born south of the Mason-Dixon, too, y’all) folk artist’s work, is truly a gift from the ether!

Thank you, Ms Buckner, for posting your fabulous art on Facebook.  Your work is delightful.  This comment was just the sparkler on the birthday cake!  I am going to walk around all day feeling sophisticated – nah, just better.  Laughter is really good medicine.




One response

16 02 2011

Sometimes irony is just too delicious! Just think, if you were a teacher, you would never be affected by SAD again! Thanks for giving me a laugh today!

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