Wicked (Winter) Games

26 01 2011

A few days ago, I awoke to a shimmering coat of ice wrapping every branch and needle and tenacious leaf in my garden. The grass was blanketed in a glossy frosting of sugar-crusted snow.  It looked as if my yard had been decorated by some garden nymph who’d trained at Tiffany. 

Downstairs, I said good morning to Scruffy and Chuck, Jessie’s guinea pigs, and then opened the shades to enjoy the winter morning beauty while the coffee brewed.  Aaagggghhhhhh!!!!!  What, just a few minutes earlier, had been a white wedding-gowned beauty of a landscape had become a gray raggedy old broad of a yard –  from stunning to shoddy, bedazzled to bedraggled in fifteen minutes.

Winter, not satisfied to freeze my body and keep my beloved sunshine at bay, has stooped to taunting.  How cruel to play with my emotions like that; to tease me with such beauty only to destroy it when I turned my back for a moment.  I HATE WINTER! There is nothing good about it.

After I had finished my little internal temper tantrum, I realized I needed to learn how to better handle my relationship with winter, since it will be part of my life every year whether or not I like it. There must be something positive to come from my disappointment, some lesson to learn. 

Of course there is a lesson.   

Beauty is a fleeting gift.  Celebrate it when you see it.  Don’t delay. 

But, also, don’t despair when life does not seem so beautiful.  My bowed evergreens and sodden grass will soon stand beautifully reaching for the springtime sun.  Even when life is ugly, persevere.  Spring will return.




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26 01 2011
Tammy Vitale

Your friend Jennifer Daggs has added you to the Wylde Women sisterhood over at my site: http://tammyvitale.com/wylde-women-award/ Welcome!

26 01 2011

I know how you feel Paula. The winter grey’s were starting to get to me the other day. But as I was driving home from work I realized that I was driving home in the daylight, not the dark for a change. I took a moment to enjoy the colors in the sky as the sun was starting to set and chased some of the grey away. Like you said, you have to enjoy the moment when it happens.

8 02 2011

So, here’s what I am doing to deal with winter. If the sun shines, I am out. Take a chair to the sidewalk, a yard, a porch and soak up some beneficial rays. It’s an immediate mood enhancer.

Use the season to make art: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cgoldie/sets/72157625963099364/

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