Conspicuous Consumption

8 12 2010

What is it about December that makes folks lose all common sense?  Is it the Christmas music that affronts us at every turn, wearing down our resolve, brain-washing us into submission?  Is it our guilty consciences pressing us to make amends for a year’s worth of unkindnesses – small, large, or imaginary – to family and friends?  Is it the advertising pressure to “make this the best Christmas ever!?”

For me, it is none of the above – it is the COLD!!!!

Seems my brain does not function well when being shaken by severely chattering teeth and general shivering.  This sad state apparently disables a few key mental processes, so I find myself overtaken by an evil twin of sorts whose dual goals are to deplete my bank account and increase my waistline.  

Through the looking glass I go, purging my savings and padding my body.  I can’t help myself.  There are never enough gifts – always some little something that cries out to be wrapped up and presented to someone I love; never enough get-togethers/lunches/dinners to celebrate friendships; never enough cookies   .   .   . but it’s not my fault.  I’m cold!

Seasons will change and when the days get longer, I’ll be able to enjoy simply basking in the warm glow of friendship.  For now, I will surrender to surrounding myself with beribboned boxes, steeping my psyche in wassail, and wrapping my soul in cookie dough.  After all, where would New Year’s resolutions be without conspicuous consumption?



3 responses

8 12 2010

ROFL Love this post!

8 12 2010
Andy Schmitt

ok…so your excuse for conspicuous consumption THIS weekend will be??
It certainly won’t be cold….8o))
see ya tomorrow..with any kind of luck

9 12 2010

You just need to “chill” with a nice Hot Toddy! Happy Holidays, my friend, and try to spend some quality time in front of your kiln!

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