Miss Muse Takes a Vacation

1 12 2010

I am in a hotel room in Indianapolis, missing  Muse, who apparently did not want to make the trip.  What is it about an eighteen hour round-trip car ride with ten delightful hours of business meetings in the middle that made her decide to stay home? 

Oh – because she could!

The wonderful thing about creative spirit is its ability to protect itself.  Even though I am annoyed that she’s taken a few days off, I have to admit muse is right to avoid the everyday grind of workaday life.  

When I get home at the end of this long week, I will be tired, but not drained, because part of me has stood aside.  Part of me will be rested and ready to go because she had the good sense to opt out of the less-than-exciting stuff, ready to enjoy a weekend of designing, planning, and making.

Muse, I forgive you for calling in bored.  We’ll play this weekend. If only you could clean my studio while I am gone.




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1 12 2010
Donna Damgaard


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