Appropriate Attire and Attitude

10 11 2010

Many of us have careers that pay our bills. We do fabulous jobs for our employers and we are appreciated for our contribution toward reaching the corporate goals. Intellectually, we understand that is a pretty damn good deal in this world. In our hearts, though, we know there is something more for us. We are not satisfied by the role we fill for (at least) eight hours a day. How to resolve this psychic dissonance?

We should be happy – our houses are not in foreclosure, we have plenty to eat, we can get four hundred-twenty television channels, our cars are new, we are healthy. Who wouldn’t want to be us? That is the problem – we are not us.

I want to be my whole self.  Hell, I owe myself that much. We all do, but as long as we show less love for some aspects of our lives than others, we are less than whole. A friend’s father once told his daughter, “You have to close doors.” Aha! Compartmentalization – it’s a good thing.

Work time is work time. We all understand – and don’t question – that is a valid use of our day. It is not the only valid use of time, though, so I am going to practice conscious compartmentalization. Starting now, I am dropping that internal “call-waiting” from my psyche – that thing that interrupts my ability to be the me of the moment.

Seems straightforward enough – after all, I have no problem deciding when to wear my bowling shoes and when to wear my stilettos – and I would never think of trying to wear more than one pair at the same time. Why, then, do I expect myself to be career-me, grieving-mom-me, artist-me, wife-me all at the same time all the time? I am going to stop that right now. I will no longer lace up my cleats before going to the grocery store, just in case someone might need me to pinch hit. There will be no more wearing my steel-toes to dinner, no more weeding in my wing-tips.

We compartmentalize our possessions without question. It makes life easier. Don’t know about you, but I am all for life being easier, so, for now, I will take off by blogger moccasins, step into my good leather, and head to the office . . . until my feet get tired.



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