Losing My Marble(s)

27 10 2010

I just read an article titled Top 10 Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2010 from the Autumn 2010 National Kitchen and Bath Association’s newsletter at  http://www.nkba.org/todayskb/?i=1&a=2. 
Number 10 – TEN –  on the list is “Art Integration.” That is “the introduction of a favored piece of artwork—perhaps a framed painting or an antique sculpture—as the basis for a design . . .”

Seems to me, this should be THE trend in interior design. At first blush, this might sound like I am supporting that worn-out and boringly safe “art to match my sofa” theme – rest assured, I certainly am not. In fact, I am advocating the inverse. 

Every work of art I’ve purchased, has been motivated by love. I did not “need” any of it to cook my meals, wash my clothes, sit on, or drive. I bought it because it spoke to me, the essence of me, not the rational practical food-shelter-clothing-needs me. I am still in love with the art around me; I cannot say the same for the sofa, the dishwasher, or the bathroom sink.

As I consider what changes to make to my interior living space (a preferred pastime to wait out the cold months until I can again work in my beloved garden,) I am invigorated by the art that will remain in my rooms, rather than disappointed by the things that really need to be replaced. Doesn’t it make perfect sense to let my art collection (yes, even middle-classers like me are permitted to have art collections.) guide my selections of more common household items than other way ‘round? Of course, it does!

Because I have art that I love in my house, even if I do not love everything else about it, I am happily at home here. I am filled with anticipation at the prospect of making home even better, but I am very happy right where I am.

If you have art you love, be sure to put it where you can enjoy it. If you don’t have art you love, please look for something – doesn’t have to be expensive, either – that lifts your heart and bring it home. One of my favorite pieces is a handmade marble – it costs about the same as the cappuccino I chugged down for breakfast, but it certainly has been the better expenditure.

Live with art you love – if you don’t, well, you’ve lost your marbles!



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