7 07 2010


I used to believe Courage was simple – just needed to have more guts than brains. Now, I face a challenge of such enormity – far too important to rely on instinct and nerve. I have learned more than I want to know and still I must find the Courage to do the right thing.

Courage is not the reckless bravado of “what I don’t know won’t hurt me.”  It is not the self-destructive “damn the torpedoes” close-your-eyes-and-do-it.  Courage is making the right decision – period – and seeing it through to the end; not out of blissful ignorance of the dangers, the uncertainties, the fear, but in spite of them.

Courage is not born of pride, inattention, or Jack Daniels.  Courage springs from the certainty that there is truly no one else who can/should/will do what must be done.  Courage is bolstered by the knowledge there are others who are grateful not to have to make the choice, call the play, walk the path.  Courage is sustained by the inner peace that comes after the hard decisions have been made.

Courage will enable me to survive, even with a broken heart, because it is the right thing.  My family and my friends will see I have the Courage to go on for them and they will know their worth.




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7 07 2010
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Your insights can only come from one who has really walked their talk. One never knows where any journey will really lead, but be sure that there is always blessings along the way. May you be truly be blessed in your difficult journey.
Roxan O’Brien

7 07 2010


8 07 2010

Wishing you peace through this.

8 07 2010
Erin Keck

I don’t think that I know anyone who has more courage than you Paula. You can do this and you will. No matter how courageous you are though sometimes you may need to lean on some other courgeous people also and we are here for you. God bless you in this journey.

14 07 2010
Sue Erwin

So beautifully written…… Please lean on us for the strength you need to get through this. Your friends will be here to support you and hold you up when you need rest, lend you a shoulder when you need to cry and listen when you need to talk.

16 12 2010

Wishing you strentgh thru this season. I hope you can feel the love and support your friends send to you. I pray you find your inner peace.

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