Twenty-five Years

23 06 2010

Twenty-five years ago – well in three more days anyway – on a fine Wednesday, Ken Lewis and I visited the District Justice in Steelton and got married.  Justice Semic donned his robes and presided reverently and respectfully over the brief ceremony in front of our Best Man Shawn, Man of Honor Harry, my parents, Ken’s parents, and a soon-to-be-ex-stepmom.         

It was a strange beginning  .  .  . 

Quarter of a century later, it is still strange, but it still IS.  We have so many more differences than similarities, a Venn diagram of our mutual interests could pass for a figure eight.   Many folks wonder (and some friends have flat-out asked) what we see in each other, so disparate are our tastes. 

Love is not blind, but it does have a wicked sense of humor, so here we are:

      a gourmet cook married to a fast food connoisseur

      a basketball player with a prisoner-of-gravity partner

      a rabid gardener with a Claritin-popping sneeze machine

      a nice Jewish boy with a shiksa – oy vey

We have precious little common ground, but we’ve tended it carefully for 25 years.  Aside from our shared love of scripted television drama, the Phillies, and our Jessica, the thing that keeps us together is simple, scary, maddening, and comforting.

We love each other.



3 responses

23 06 2010
Jennifer Daggs

Way to go guys! It’s good to know good people know when they have it good! 😀

30 06 2010
the Mrs.

Just wanted to say congratulations on your anniversary! 25 years is amazing and your shared success is truly an inspiration 🙂

May your marriage continue to be abundantly blessed for the years to come!

~Cheers with Wine!~

1 07 2010

Thank you, Mrs. Mrs. The real inspiration in a marriage is – first, last, and always – to marry the one you love.

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