Let’s Dance

8 06 2010

My sweet Jessica loves music so much, she is often moved to dance

     in the middle of dinner –

     in the middle of the night –

     in the middle of the street – and so she dances.

She does not wonder what will be the next song; she just dances to the one that’s playing. 

I often find myself looking a bit too far into the future, overdriving the headlights of my life.  Just as it is not safe to look too far down the road while driving – and risk not seeing that deer poised to leap into your path – it is not good for anyone to miss the present “planning for the future.” 

Now, I am not discounting the lesson of Aesop’s ant;  I just tend to overdo the “rainy day” and “what if” and “just in case” internal conversations instead of enjoying myself.  Not every single decision needs to be measured and analyzed as if it were life-or-death, especially now that we may be facing real life-or-death decisions in our family – or worse, having no power to decide at all.

I am going to follow my beautiful daughter’s lead.

Just as she laughs freely, heartily, and often, so will I. 

Just as she thrills at the sight of a chipmunk, the sound of a train, the smell of supper, so will I.

Just as she loves her family and her friends warmly and fully, so will I. 

If we are fortunate to find we have a future to plan, there will be time, but for now,

Now is all that is important.

Let’s dance!




8 responses

8 06 2010
Jennifer Daggs

Paula, you always amaze me. Motherhood has definitely brought home the idea of living for the day for me too. Your words bring a grace and elegance to it.

When faced with illness or the loss of a loved one it really hits home. You have to live for the moment, enjoy what you have and take things one step at a time.

I’ll be dancing with my own munchkin tonight and thinking of you and Jessie!

8 06 2010
Paul Grecian

Such a wonderful perspective we can all learn from.

9 06 2010
Jean Van Brederode

How fortunate we all are to be able to learn these lessons from Jessica. Thank you, Paula, for sharing your treasure with us.

9 06 2010

This is beautiful. I’m so glad to have been able to read this. Today I will dance like Jessica and celebrate living in the moment. Thank you.

9 06 2010
Erin Keck

All that matters is that which we can hold in our hand at this moment.
Happiness to you and Jessie.

9 06 2010
Margie Fultz

The beauty of your words brought tears to my eyes. The need to savor the moments that we have together is so important. Thanks.

16 06 2010
Marti Mallette

I loved that… the moment I heard you read it….I felt it deep inside my heart and knew it was very special. It touched me just like you and Jessica and your mom…you are all such beautiful amazing souls. Blessings Always, Marti

12 07 2010
Bobbi Bassett

My heart leaps for the joy Jessica sees in life as it’s being ripped into shreds at such sadness in your world. Carpe diem!

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