Tough Broads? Nope, just Strong, Rational, Practical Women

2 06 2010

My closest friends are an eclectic bunch.  There’s the math genius, the CEO, the teacher, the military wife, the nurse, the industrial sales rep – diversity seems to be the only similarity.  Take a closer look, though, and you’ll find our common ground.

 We are strong, rational, practical women.

 We are strong because we are smart and we do not hesitate to flex our intellect. 

We are rational because we understand that to be any other way would be – literally – crazy.  

We are practical because we do what will yield the best outcome for us and those important to us.

That is not to say we are heartless.  

On the contrary, my friends and I are passionate, generous, sympathetic, embracing life with both arms.  It is our underlying steadiness that enables us to experience all the high drama – and low comedy – life offers and continue on the course that is right for us.  

One of the smartest things I have ever done is to have befriended these exceptional women.  I celebrate our individuality and our common ground.  Here’s to strong, rational, practical women.



2 responses

2 06 2010
Paul Grecian

Sounds like a great group, no doubt.

4 06 2010
Margie Fultz

It is an honor and privilege to be part of this group. You continue to amaze me, educate me, inspire me. Keep it up, Paula!!!

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