NIMBY (Nervous In My Back Yard)

18 05 2010

Okay, I am doing a fine craft festival on June 5th – what’s the big deal?

 It’s in my hometown –

            where I went to elementary school

            where I watched the kickball field become a housing development

            where I learned to drive

            where I moved away and swore I’d never come back  

            where I live now

There is a special kind of energy that comes with displaying your art for sale. When it is in your neighborhood, there’s a whole new layer of anxiety.  Not only are you putting your soul on the walls of your booth to be judged and critiqued and  – hopefully – madly adored,  many of the folks who will be doing the examining have some pretty interesting notions about you. Some will come to the booth and see the person they knew as a 7th-grader, an alto, a spoiled kid with a fast car  .  .  . a far cry from the artist standing in front of them some forty years later.  It’s cognitive dissonance for all!

 So, take the first Saturday in June, mix up the emotion and courage it takes to make art, the nostalgia stirred up by a deeply familiar setting, the excitement of exhibiting your work, and you have –


Harried and happy, in Booth 130, on Front Street at the lake in my hometown Boiling Springs, visiting with my friends, family, and lovely strangers and selling my art.

For info about Foundry Day, visit and

click on Foundry Day 2010.



2 responses

18 05 2010

Luckily, you are talent galore so its no sweat.

26 05 2010
Jennifer Daggs

Paula, don’t think of it as judging or nerves. Go into it thinking like you would as a young kid “LOOK WHAT I DID!” Use it as a chance to show off and be proud of what you have accomplished. How many of your classmates, peers, neighbors have the talent to create the beautiful art that you do? Let alone the confidence to show it off and ask for real money for it? Be bold, be brave, be proud, be yourself! You’ve earned it!

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