Wide World of (Arts Festival) Sports

12 05 2010

Ah, the arts festival – where one can observe the human drama of intellectual and emotional competition – the agony of indecision or the thrill or acquisition. I have SOOO been there and I can assure you from experience, thrills are way better! 

Now, how does one assure their acquisition is a love match and they won’t find the thrill is gone when they take their new find home to meet the parents/wife/wallpaper?  The answer is really simple- so simple you may have trouble at first trusting its never-fail reliability.  Ready?  Here it is.

Acquire LOTS of art.

Acquire LOTS of art.  If you have only a few things in your collection, you can fret they may not “go together” or, if they match for sure, you’ll grow bored with them.  If you have even just a handful of works you love individually, they will start to find their places naturally in your family of art. Just like your kids, your pets, your friends, your art pieces can be different and – as long as you love each individually – enrich each other and you. Acquire LOTS of art. 

The only corollary to the Acquire LOTS of art guideline is to buy what you love – don’t force yourself.  Much as it pains me, an artist, to say this, it is okay to leave an arts festival empty-handed – not fun, but okay.  The thrill of acquisition is addictive, so if artists want to cultivate collectors – and we do – we want you to never settle. Buy what you love.  We’re sure you will find something that takes your breath away.  Be patient, relax, visit us often at festivals, galleries, studios and – it’s thrilling –

 Acquire LOTS of art.




3 responses

12 05 2010
Paul Grecian

Great post Paula! The only thing I would add is that you should always leave with the business cards of the artists that excited you.

12 05 2010
paula lewis

Great add, Paul. A wonderful woman who picked up one of my cards at Foundry Day a few years ago is now the proud owner of two custom Scorched Eyebrow works, designed and completed especially for her. She contacted me after her home was redecorated and we colaborated on the finishing details for her kitchen soffit and great room gallery wall.

12 05 2010
linda billet

I’ll quote my grandma,”matching is boring.” I firmly believe that. If you buy the things you love, they generally WORK in your home and you’ll be happy with your purchase. A good exchange of money (your energy) for work (the artist’s energy) will have occurred. I just got a new painting in my living room and I stop and stare at it all the time. Makes me forget that my carpet needs replaced!

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