Thank you, Mr. Carlson

6 05 2010

This morning, my daughter’s visiting nurse complimented me on the great wind sculpture in my front yard, which led to a closer look at the art inside my home and an impromptu tour of my enameling studio.  What a nice interlude in an otherwise busy and stressful day. 

 My wonderful wind sculpture was made by an artist named Andrew Carlson and it took me two years of visits to his booth at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts to screw up the nerve to part with the seriously large amount of cash to bring it home.  It remains the most expensive piece of art I have purchased to date and it has been worth every penny! 

 Whether your day is filled with the tedium of mundane everyday tasks or, as ours have been lately, seared with stress and unfamiliar frightful situations, art can provide respite.  Art – good art – can take us outside ourselves or open us anew to introspection.  When I look around me, I see the beauty made tangible by gifted artists and artisans gracing my home and I feel encouraged to appreciate all the goodness in my life.  Could there be a more important benefit to collecting art?  It is surely enough for me.



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