How The Craft Guild Helps Cure the World

7 04 2010

These last few weeks have been a nightmare whirl of doctor’s appointments, lab tests, evil results, and now, the hospitalization of my beautiful girl for a week-long chemotherapy regimen (and more to follow) that is sapping her strength – though not as quickly as it is getting the cancer, we hope. 

What does this have to do with craft guilds? I’ll tell you. It is about why the people who make art are important to all of us. Artists and artisans follow their hearts, and those are some mighty big hearts indeed.  Members ofthe Yellow Breeches Chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen,, many of whom have never met my daughter and some only have a nodding acquaintance with me, have rallied to help my girl get through this frightening and difficult time.

My Jessica has begun to receive cards and well wishes, choreographed so she will have something from the mailman every day for several weeks.  Several artisans have already given her beautifully hand-crafted gifts and yesterday, a representative for the entire Yellow Breeches Chapter brought her a “sunshine basket” filled with dozens of gifts to help take her mind off the discomfort and fear and fatigue she will face over these next few months. 

These gestures have overwhelmed me. The generosity and kindness my artisan friends have shown my Jessica are just another expression of the beauty in their souls they express every day in their art.  Autistic and mentally retarded, Jessica understands they are really giving her themselves – their time, their affection, their attention – and she appreciates it. 

Supporting the arts means supporting hard-working men and women whose hearts are stronger than their heads – though some of those are pretty strong, too.  When we purchase the work of a local artisan, we benefit three ways.  It provides us a wonderful object to keep or give as a cherished gift; it keeps our hard-earned dollars in our local economy (artists have families who drive cars, buy groceries, pay for piano lessons, make mortgage payments); and it encourages us all to be brave and beautiful souls and lead with our hearts – which is what will cure the world.

.  .  .  and please let love and chemotherapy cure my beautiful Jessica.



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8 04 2010

Paula, our thoughts are with you. Thanks for sharing!

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