15 03 2010

It’s been said what you don’t know won’t hurt you – I beg to differ. My beautiful and innocent daughter Jessica has something growing in her chest.  Six months ago, we were told it was Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was being successfully treated with chemotherapy. Last week, our world crashed – the chemotherapy that had showed early promise has failed. Now, we wait for a second biopsy to see what monster our autistic daughter must slay to survive.  Whatever the outcome of the testing, she will be strong and brave.  We will do all we can to help her, but she alone will fight the enemy inside her body.  The pain of not knowing is almost unbearable.  My hope is the uncertainty itself proves to be the worst of this nightmare.



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17 03 2010

Words of comfort are inadequate , but friends are here if you just need to know that someone who cares is out here listening.

23 03 2010

We DO care! You share your garden. You share the good foods you love to cook. Pain should be shared as well. Friends can help shine light into dark places.

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